Five Reasons to Visit the Rock Island Casino

Are you looking for a casino in Illinois? There are many to choose from in the state. Illinois is a state full of attractions and activities. It is ranked as the fifth most populous state in the country. When you are visiting the state, it is wise to make a decision before you travel. You want to know which casino best suits your needs.


The first thing to consider when visiting Illinois is where to play. Illinois is home to two of the most popular casino destinations in the United States; Chicago and Oak Harbor casino. Both cities feature plenty of different casino gaming machines. This is a comprehensive list of all of the casinos in Illinois.

Chicago has the Hollywood Casino and the Hollywood Park Casino. Both feature slots, roulette and video poker. There are nine tables inside of each casino. They offer special promotions year round with free spins on special items including popcorn, soda, hot dogs and more. Plus, there is live entertainment at each casino.

Oak Harbor Casino is located on the Lake Michigan seashore. This casino is part of the larger metropolis of Oak Harbor. Here you will find nine tables in four different games. Plus, there is live entertainment every night. The casino offers no land games, no machines or craps, plus you can get your drinks on the beach right at your table!

The second casino in Illinois is Alton National. It is located near the village of Alton. You will find seven tables in the casino, plus, the ATM machine and the restaurant. You can catch a show at the theatre in Alton, or enjoy a stroll through the beautiful village of Alton.

The third location is the Illinois Park District. This is located in the city of Chicago. Here you will find two gaming machines, plus, a gift shop. This is part of the Chicago hotels in the Park District. If you are looking for a wonderful casino experience, this is one of the locations you should check out.

The last Illinois land-based casino to be reviewed is the beautiful Riverboat Racing Pier. This is a recreation facility that offers five full-service restaurants. Plus, the riverboat rides throughout the park have entertained thousands of visitors with its thrilling rides. The gaming machines at the riverboat offer many types of table games including craps, roulette, slots, and craps among others. You can also enjoy the many attractions found on the property including the nature paths, swimming pools, boating rentals and more. There are also restrooms, snack bars and room service.

All of these are great locations to check out when searching for Illinois casinos. Each of these sites offer gaming machines that are a high quality and very affordable. Plus, they offer more than just gambling machines. They also offer luxurious restaurants and a shopping mall, so you can enjoy everything Illinois has to offer. If you are looking for a great casino experience, these Illinois casinos are a great choice.

Some people are concerned about Illinois legality with these Illinois casinos. First of all, if you have visited any of the five Illinois land-based casinos, you will understand that they follow all of the laws found in Illinois. Whether you like them or not, you are always welcome to play any one of the five Illinois legally licensed casinos. In addition, you should always remember that the state of Illinois is a very popular tourist destination.

If you are interested in visiting the Rock Island Casino in Rock Island, Illinois then you are definitely in luck because it is now owned by the legendary Wrigley Brothers. This famous casino is now conveniently located just minutes from downtown Chicago. You can find this casino in the heart of the downtown area in the very center of Chicago. The beautiful dining and nightlife options make it a great place for you and your family to enjoy a wonderful evening.

One additional reason that makes the Rock Island Casino in Rock Island, Illinois a great choice is that it is conveniently located near the popular Lincoln Park neighborhood. It is also very close to the Illinois state capitol building and the Illinois Theater. The beautiful Lincoln Park as well as the nearby downtown area make the Rock Island an ideal location for you to take in some amazing sights and sounds along with playing some fantastic casino games.

No matter which of the five major Illinois casinos you like, whether it is the luxurious Lincoln Park casino or the down-to-earth Wrigley Brothers Park, you will always be able to find a casino in downtown Joliet that will be just right for you. These casino games include roulette, craps, poker, blackjack, three-card draw, slot machines, and more. In addition to these games, you will also be able to find hundreds of movies, live music acts, sporting events, restaurants, bars, and other attractions. With all of these choices, it is easy to see why there is a huge demand for gaming entertainment in the great state of Illinois. So start making plans now to visit one of the many Rock Islands casinos during your next vacation in Illinois.