Why Visit Las Vegas?

The bright lights of Las Vegas are beckoning to casino goers from all over the world, but how does it feel being a casino tourist? To be honest, for many people this is like a dream come true. Millions visit Las Vegas each year and most of them never leave. They come, they see, they gamble and they go home. Why is Las Vegas so successful? It’s not just because of the excitement and the beautiful locations, but also because there are strict rules and regulations in place to keep everyone operating the same way.


The casino floor is clean, well lit and very organized. There are no worries about theft or injuries in the casino floor. The restaurants are similarly well lit and organized. In addition, you can enjoy unlimited food and beverage deals at any time during your stay. There is casino space devoted to dining, live entertainment and more. The best part is: you don’t need tickets to play.

When the doors to casinos first opened, the prices were high. Then, casinos closed and they left behind a hole in the floor. Now, when you re-visit Las Vegas, you’ll find that the old closed restaurants and hotels are now restoring, ready to serve you again. Many have been renovated and are ready to reopen.

In addition to the new restaurants, the famous Las Vegas strip has undergone major changes. The hotel formerly known as the Venetian might soon be torn down and rebuilt into a mixed-use resort casino. This would be perfect for those who appreciate the elegant design of the old hotels that sit vacant today. The developer that takes over this old hotel will take care of the plumbing, electrical work, flooring and landscaping.

For those who love the old style of Nevada hotels, a reopening Vegas is a wonderful chance to step back in time and enjoy the architecture of yesteryear. Just steps from the street, you can stroll through the beautiful gardens filled with orange groves of trees and desert flowers. While at Hotel Vegas, you can experience the charm of old town vista at the Bazaar Del Mundo. The hotel is located near the World’s Greatest Auction House, and it is where you’ll find world-class entertainment.

Another great reopening in Nevada is the former casino site of the canceled Silverton resort. The abandoned gaming arena was torn down to make way for a state of the art convention center. The demolition also left a massive hole in the ground where the convention center now stands. However, instead of tearing down the old structure and building a new one, the state purchased the land for an unexpectedly low price. To make up for the loss, the state created the Bazaar Del Mundo, an elegant hotel that overlooks the Strip.

Guests don’t have to worry about being subjected to germs as long as they remember their guests’ names and use a special sanitizer in the bathroom each time they visit the establishment. In order to protect their privacy, the casino will be using “panic rooms,” which are like large elevators that transfer guests to different floors. Each room is equipped with its own panic button and desk for guests to use to call for help if they need it. Unfortunately, casino staff members are still required to do random checks on everyone every now and then. Visitors to the casino can opt to leave their name and number with the staff on duty to have a more personal experience.

If the strip has been your favorite place to spend your leisure time, a trip to Nevada may be exactly what you’re looking for. Not only will you be able to see the casinos and hotels, but you’ll also get to sample some of Nevada’s finest cuisine. From five-star restaurants to family-owned joints, Nevada is a veritable culinary paradise. You can indulge your love of food with delectable meals at any of the strip’s dining establishments. With everything available, including high-end gaming sites, it’s no wonder why visiting Nevada may be your next vacation choice.